Sevastopol State University Will Try to Control ‘Swarms’ of Drones

The new laboratory of  ‘Flight Dynamics’ at Sevastopol State University is working on the creation of a control system for self-organizing network-centric systems, that is, a so-called swarm of drones.
This was said by Sergey Dudnikov, the Director of the Institute of the National Technological Initiative at Sevastopol State University

“Now, when 20 drones are launched, they are all controlled from the ground. But when they go to search for something, it is difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to use elements of artificial intelligence. Each drone in the ‘swarm’ will ‘know’ where it is relative to the pack and what it must do. For example, during the liquidation of a man-made disaster, one drone flies into the mine and sends a picture from it to the ‘swarm’, which then sends it to the command post, ”Dudnikov explained.

The new Flight Dynamics laboratory will be part of the Aeronet group of the National Technology Initiative. Laboratory specialists will also practice take-offs and landings of drones, including in marine conditions. Faculty at Sevastopol State University will not only act as scientific developers, but will also teach students new technologies. The first test group (five people) will be conducted this year by the newly created Aeronet department.