A British Developer will Head the Technical Laboratory at Sevastopol State University

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Warick University's aerodynamics specialist, Pyotr Denisenko, has agreed to lead the development of unmanned aerial taxi control systems, that the Flight Dynamics laboratory at Sevastopol State University is engaged in developing.

This was said by the Director of the Institute of the National Technological Initiative at Sevastopol State University, Sergey Dudnikov.

“As soon as the difficulties with the coronavirus end, he will come here. Both our colleagues at the Nakhimov Military School and us, have an excellent test facility”, said Dudnikov.

Sevastopol State University together with the Ustinov Baltic State Technical University ‘Voenmech’ is creating an unmanned aerial taxi that can carry passengers with a total weight of up to 500 kg a maximum distance of 500 km with a cruising speed of 500 km / h.

“Firstly, we will make a small cargo UAV with a carrying capacity of 20-30 kg, then a large cargo UAV 80-120 kg. And then we will develop something big. We will use our competencies and those of our colleagues”, said Dudnikov.

According to him, hybrid technologies will be used to create the air taxi: the device will take off vertically, but then it will release wings to develop the necessary speed.

The work is carried out within the framework of the Aeronet group of the National Technology Initiative.

Scientists at Sevastopol State University will work on engines, an external design and an air taxi control system. This order was received by Sevastopol State University due to the world fame in the field of UAVs by its employees Vadim Kramar, Sergey Dudnikov and Alexei Kabanov.

The new air taxi is being created for use inside cities with a population of over one million people and in the largest areas of Russia, including the Northern regions and the Far East.