Peaceful Atom: Graduates of Sevastopol State University Find Jobs at Leading Russian Nuclear Power Plants

This year, 19 graduates of the Institute of Nuclear Energy and Industry have started employment at the leading nuclear power plants in Russia. Most of them chose the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant.

“Large-scale events have been developed and are being held at Rosatom State Corporation, the format of which allows to cover a significant number of graduates of key specialized universities in order to attract them to industry enterprises”, said Vitaliy Moskalev, Head of the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant Human Resources Department.

Andrei Samoshin, a graduate of the Institute of Nuclear Energy and Industry at Sevastopol State University, and the operator of the reactor department of RC-2 says:

“I liked Kalinin NPP because of its convenient location and climate. During three months I managed to meet many helpful people. My special gratitude goes to colleagues from my place of work: they answer any of my questions with interest. The status of a young specialist provides an excellent opportunity for development and a comfortable life.

Free housing and many benefits are good support for an employee who came from a dfferent city. Now I am arranging new housing and preparing for the final exam. Within walking distance is a complex where you can engage in any sport. My achievements are the result of my education at Sevastopol State University.

Thanks to the established contact between our teachers and the leaders of the Kalinin NPP, their interest in business cooperation, which was first shown by nuclear scientists from Udomla, it became possible to find a job at one of the best nuclear power plants in Russia. Thanks to Sevastopol State University for a prestigious education and the opportunity to connect life with a ‘peaceful’ atom.

For reference: Kalinin NPP was awarded an honorable second place among 10 nuclear power plants of the country in the category ‘The Best NPP of Russia – 2018’ by Rosenergoatom.