The Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee Spoke about the Features of Admission to Sevastopol State University in 2020

At Sevastopol State University, as at all universities in Russia, the admission campaign starts on June 20 2020 . (

The dates associated with the beginning of entrance examinations and admission to Sevastopol State University are not yet known, because they are tied to the state examination completion date of the exam results. For example, the deadline for accepting documents required for admission is 9 calendar days from the official day of the announcement of the results of the last state exam, and the deadline for admission tests conducted by Sevastopol State University is 23 calendar days from the date of announcement of the state exam results.

According to the preliminary draft of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation, enrollment in the state paid form of education is planned for August 19 and 24.

This year, you can submit documents to Sevastopol State University in the following ways:

through the service of State Services. To do this, you must register on their site and pass verification. This is the main channel;
via email. For the submission of documents, official addresses will be allocated.

“We are also preparing a service for applicants, where each applicant will have a personal account through which documents can be submitted,” said the Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee, Alexei Baranov.
Submission of documents by mail is prohibited. This is a rule followed by all universities in Russia.
Documents required for admission must be provided in electronic form (scanning or photographing with the provision of machine-readable recognition of the applicant’s details). An application for consent to enrollment must be filed in a similar manner.
All applicants for the first year of study will be required to submit original documents proving their education and undergo preliminary medical examinations.
Universities of the Russian Federation plan to fully switch to the remote submission of documents through the website of the State Service of Russia by 2023.
“The university already had a strategic goal to switch to accepting documents in an electronic format. And this process has been accelerated as much as possible”, said Alexei.