Scientists at Sevastopol State University Want to Make Cancer Drugs Less Toxic


Scientists at Sevastopol State University are conducting studies that in the future will create a safe drug for anti-tumour chemotherapy.

This was said by a leading researcher at the Scientific Research Laboratory ‘Molecular and Cellular Biophysics’, Anatoly Buchelnikov.

“The highlight of our project is the use of an aqueous colloidal solution of fullerene C60 - a spherical molecule consisting of sixty carbon atoms. The fullerene molecule is unique, there are no such molecules in nature. Therefore, we are trying to apply it in combination with a chemotherapy regimen for cancer”, said Buchelnikov.

Scientists want to use fullerene as a system for the safe delivery of an anti-cancer drug to the desired organ.

“Fullerene is not toxic. A certain container of fullerene molecules is formed, in which the antibiotic molecule is placed and follows the blood flow to the affected cell. There the container opens, and the substance gets to the right place to kill the tumor”, said Buchelnikov.

The result of the work of Sevastopol scientists should be the creation of a composite drug based on fullerene and anti-cancer drugs. The project should be completed by December 2020.