Scientists from Sevastopol State University Spoke at the International Symposium on Underwater Research in Turkey

A group of scientists from Sevastopol State University and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, led by Candidate of Historical Sciences, Viktor Lebedinsky, took part in the 12th International Symposium on Underwater Research, which was held May 16-19, 2020 in Antalya (Turkey).

The symposium was organized by Akdeniz University and the Kemer Promotion Fund, with the support of the CMAS Scientific Committee.

“The scientific community was presented the results of studies of objects related to the era of antiquity and the Middle Ages. In the Black Sea, these are shipwrecks off the coast of Crimea dating from the Byzantine period, a deep-sea survey of which was carried out using remote-controlled unmanned underwater vehicles. In the Mediterranean Sea, there are objects of marine infrastructure adjacent to the ancient Phoenician city of Amrit and the legendary island of Arvad. A study off the coast of Syria was carried out in 2019 using the marine search and survey complex of the Center for Marine Research and Technology of Sevastopol State University”,said Lebedinsky, a leading scientific researcher at Sevastopol State University.