Smart Buoys Developed at Sevastopol State University will Help to Monitor Water Parameters in the Chernorechensky Reservoir

Scientists at Sevastopol State University, together with the industrial partner Marlin-Yug, have developed a system (smart buoy) that tracks the parameters of water in water bodies. The buoy has now been installed in the Chernorechensky reservoir and, scientists will now have access to up-to-date information on temperature, transparency and water level in the reservoir with an error of plus or minus 5 cm. Data is updated with an interval of 30 seconds.

“The Chernorechensky reservoir is the main source of fresh water for Sevastopol, therefore its level is a critically important parameter for the city. The system we have developed allows for continuous monitoring”, said Alexei Chuklin, Director of the Directorate of Scientific and Innovative Activities at Sevastopol State Uniuversity.

The experimental buoy was installed sixty meters from the coast and the depth of the reservoir at that point is six meters.

Scientists are sure that with the help of a smart buoy and an unmanned surface vessel making a cartogram of the bottom of the reservoir, that it will be possible to accurately determine the amount of water in the reservoir. Last year, an unmanned surface vessel was also developed at Sevastopol State University.

Scientists recommend installing several ‘smart’ devices in the reservoir to eliminate the possibility of picture distortion in bad weather conditions.