Students from Tajikistan Talked about Life in Sevastopol and Studying at Sevastopol State University

Akram Rizoev and Vosejon Nodirov arrived in Sevastopol from Tajikistan. Akram is a first-year student at the Institute of Nuclear Energy and Industry at Sevastopol State University, and Vosejon is a first-year student at the Polytechnic Institute of Sevastopol State University.


Was it difficult to decide to move to Russia?

Vosejon: Of course I was a bit worried because I was leaving my family and friends. But I did not really have time to think: I passed the exam and after about two weeks I learned that I could go to study in Russia. I prepared for the trip in just 2 days.

Akram: I submitted documents to the agency, and after the exam they said to me: “If you are confident you can go and take the university entrance tests in Russia.”

Russia is known for its technology, and therefore studying here is a great opportunity. But, in addition to studying, we wanted to get to know Russian culture.

How were you met at Sevastopol State University?

Vosejon: We had a delay of 14 hours: we flew through St. Petersburg and Moscow and were very tired. We are grateful to the university staff for meeting us at the airport, seeing us off to the hostel and helping us to settle in. Everything was perfect, despite the long and tiring journey.

Akram: We are well settled now and we like that there are a lot of foreign students in the hostel. There is an opportunity to communicate with representatives of different cultures; therefore it is possible to not only speak in Russian, but also in English too.

Vosejon: And there are also students who speak French, so whoever wants to learn French can communicate with them.

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How were you initiated as students?

Vosejon: When we arrived, we did not know anything about Sevastopol and the university. They helped us, showed us the way, accompanied us when submitting documents, and helped us to fill them in. We did not feel any difficulties.Akram: If we were alone, I think there would have been problems. Therefore we simply did not notice them, because someone from the university staff was always with us.

How easy was it to adapt to being in a new environment?

Vosejon: We had never cooked our own food before and did not know how to do it. Therefore for a number of days we only ate food that did not require cooking. Then we started to cook and took it from there. Everything was just perfect!

Akram: We did not know where to buy food, clothes or utensils. On the first day, they showed us the nearest shops and advised us where it is better to shop. But still, getting used to a new place was not easy.


What do you think is the difference between education systems in Russia and Tajikistan?

Akram: In Tajikistan, students are as well taught as they are in Russia. But of course, there, it was easier for us, because we studied in our native language.

Vosejon: I think that the education systems, the way of training in Russia and Tajikistan are similar. Therefore, we do not need to get used to something completely unfamiliar.

How do you find life in Sevastopol?

Vosejon: The only problem is a long drive to the building, since we live in Gollandia (a district of Sevastopol), and classes are often held in another part of the city.

There are many rivers and lakes in Tajikistan, but here there is a sea. There is an opportunity to swim.

Akram: The climate here is similar to the climate in Tajikistan. Today at home the temperature was in the 30s and here in Sevastopol it was in the 30s too. So we feel comfortable.

What do you do in your free time?

Vosejon: At home I did freestyle wrestling and mixed martial arts. It was important for me to continue such things, and it turned out that there was an opportunity to do so in Sevastopol too. Now I am doing freestyle wrestling at the campus, and mixed martial arts in a club. Since I am a candidate for master of sports, they made a good discount for me at the club.

Akram: Before the Covid 19 pandemic I was doing boxing and fitness but now we just run and play basketball. The campus has its own stadium and sports ground.

We also participate in the work of the International Club, it helps us to develop in different spheres .

What would you advise to those who will enrol this year?

Vosejon: There is everything for a comfortable life and study. You only need to study well ...

Akram: And learn how to cook!