Studying at the University by the Warm Sea: Sania from Tashkent

Sania Krasnaya is a first-year student at the Department of Tourism at the Institute of City Development. To enter Sevastopol State University and make her dream come true, Sania had to overcome a number of difficult obstacles: to learn Russian language and the history of Russia and travel almost 4,000 km.

I come from Uzbekistan and initially I wanted to go abroad, but to do that I needed a high level of English. Admission to Russia was my best option. I applied to various universities and as a result I settled on Sevastopol, because the climate is good and tourism is developed. I passed my exams, arrived and have never regretted it, most of all I like the fact that there is a sea nearby.

How did you prepare to enter Sevastopol State University?

I studied at the College of Information Technology as an accountant, and also went to the Russian Center for Science and Culture to study the Russian language and the history of Russia. Representatives from different universities came there and we passed exams. Then I found another organization - Russtudent, they took exams for Sevastopol State University. I immediately told my mother about the opportunity to fly to Crimea. She spent her childhood here and has pleasant memories, so she felt happy for me. I was preparing for a very, very long time. I had to learn the history of Russia from scratch, because I have only ever studied the history of Uzbekistan. On the day of the exam I was very worried, but I wrote it well and was allocated a state paid educational programme. I was so happy that I called my mother in tears. There were a lot of emotions.

Then an eight-hour flight and living on my own. It was difficult, but very cool!

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Why did you choose tourism?

I dream of connecting my life with traveling and communicating with people. I like to study the history, geography and culture of other countries. I also really want to learn the Spanish and English languages.We have a very rich programme: history, domestic tourism, urban studies, two foreign languages, economics, management, and we are also involved in working on projects and business plans.

Which country is the first on the list of places you would like to visit?

For starters, I would like to visit Italy. Try real Italian dishes, stroll along the narrow streets and feel the atmosphere.

What do you do in your free time?I am an athlete, I like to play volleyball and often play on the sports field in Gollandia district with the guys. Sometimes I read or watch TV shows.

Do you watch English shows?

TV shows in English are still hard to understand. But soon, I hope, I will master them.Have you already got your favorite places in Sevastopol?

Yes, I love Primorsky Boulevard, Khersones, Nakhimov Square, Victory Park. In Sevastopol there are many beautiful places that must be seen.

Do you plan to stay in Sevastopol?

I want to finish my undergraduate studies at Sevastopol State University, and to graduate in Moscow, for example, at the Higher School of Economics. From there I plan to move abroad and devote myself to tourism, maybe I will start my own business as the educational programme ‘Entrepreneurship in the Field of Tourism’ at Sevastopol State University will give me the necessary skills.