An Autonomous Cargo Carrier is Being Created at Sevastopol State University

политех севгу

Work on the creation of an autonomous electric transport for the in-plant transportation of non-standard sized cargo is continuing at the Polytechnic Institute of Sevastopol State University.

“The idea arose during the work of university teams on the Pioneer-M project. Two two-wheeled balancing carts, silently drive up to the container with scientific equipment, lift it with special grips, and then roll under the load and transport it in a given direction - this is the desired result", explained Alexander Vetrogon, the Head of the Department of Automobile Transport.

During the first stage of development, the staff of the institute, under the leadership of Vasily Golovin, formed the general technical design of the electric transport and substantiated approaches to managing the power plant.

Employees at the Department of Automobile Transport developed a three-dimensional assembly of the autonomous electric transport.

The next step will be the creation of a working model of it using 3D printing on a reduced scale at the site of the Centre for Engineering and Industrial Design.

The model will serve for a more detailed study of the design and development of control algorithms. By the end of the year work should be completed with the creation of a working, full-size, autonomous model.