Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov Supports the Creation of a Microelectronics Design Center by Sevastopol State University and the Company Almaz-Antey


The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Yuri Borisov, visited the Innovative Scientific and Technological Center of the company Almaz-Antey. And during the visit, the rector of Sevastopol State University, Vladimir Nechaev, told the Deputy Prime Minister about the university and its innovative engineering center.

“Electronics, instrument making, information technology - these are the main competencies that we rely on and which we are striving to develop. We see ourselves not only as a higher educational institution, but as a center that should develop the region and the city in close cooperation with our industrial partners. Our task is to digitalize the economy of Sevastopol and ensure the creation of an innovation belt around intelligent instrument-making and radio electronics”, said Mr Nechaev.

Yuri Borisov supported the initiative to create a microelectronics design center at the sites of Sevastopol State University and Almaz-Antey’s Innovation and Scientific Technological Center. The main idea of ​​the design center is intelligent instrument-making.

“It is very important for us that Almaz-Antey has agreed to become our partner and the process of interaction has begun. We are aware of the programme for the creation of design centers and are interested in one of the design centers to be here", said Mr Nechaev.

Yuri Borisov emphasized the importance and prospects of cooperation between Almaz-Antey and Sevastopol State University and noted the importance of creating a large design center for microelectronics in Sevastopol.

“Considering tax preferences for designers, we need to create a large Design Center and we will help you” said Yuri Borisov.

The creation of a microelectronics design center will allow to combine the capabilities of the Innovation and Scientific Technological Center of Almaz-Antey and Sevastopol State University for organizing and conducting research, development and experimental technological work of an applied nature in the interests of the defense industry.

The technologies developed jointly with Sevastopol State University will form the basis of promising development work, and the cooperation will contribute to the development of the domestic electronic component base for creating devices and systems for the interests of such customers as the enterprises of Almaz-Antey and the civil sector of the electronic industry in Russia.