The Head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Told President Putin about the Construction of the Research Vessel ‘Pioneer-M’

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, met with Alexei Rakhmanov, the Chairman of the Management Board and the General Director of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC). The current activities of the company were discussed, including the construction of the catamaran ‘Pioneer-M’ for Sevastopol State University.

“If you remember, we reported to you about a research vessel that we are building together with Sevastopol State University” said Mr Rakhmanov, according to him the vessel will be launched next summer.

“In general, in the future, it can become the main ship for all higher scientific institutions and higher educational institutions, so that students can compete with each other in conducting oceanographic research. This, if you like, is a starting point for training personnel to work on large research vessels for fishing and for the Russian Academy of Sciences that we would also like to build, and for which we have projects”, Mr Rakhmanov added.

‘Pioneer-M’ is a complex project that solves a number of tasks for the university and modern Russian shipbuilding. Using the example of a small, 23 meters long vessel, a number of fundamentally new technologies are being tested: composite shipbuilding, the creation of a crewless control system and the use of alternative energy sources.

The project implements a modular principle: marine research containers with various equipment and gear can be easily mounted on the ship.

In the future, ‘Pioneer-M’ will become a center for collective use and there are plans to cooperate with other universities and scientific organizations interested in the topic of research of the marine environment. The project is being implemented with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, USC and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.