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Promotion and dissemination of the Russian language in Armenia discussed with the delegation of this country in SevSU

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Members of the “Friends of Crimea” Club as well as government representatives met with students at SevSU. They watched the film "Armenian Cultural Footprint in Crimea", then discussed the future cooperation with the administration of SevSU.

Promotion and dissemination of the Russian language in Armenia discussed with the delegation of this country in SevSU

It is known that the development of international relations in the Black Sea region is one of the priorities of SevSU.

"The key to cooperation, whether it develops in the field of scientific projects or in the format of educational programs, is the promotion and dissemination of the Russian language, the language of international and interethnic communication", emphasized the Rector of SevSU Vladimir Nechaev.

In this way, at the beginning of next year, teachers from Sevastopol will go to Armenia to conduct courses in the Russian language, and in October 2022, the University donated books to the Sevan School to replenish the school library.

"One of the projects we are planning during our working trip to Armenia is, relatively speaking, patronage over one of the schools in Armenia. It is located in the city of Sevan, on the shore of the lake. We have already visited this place and we just want to make a center of Russian language and culture there," Vladimir Nechaev said.

The Armenian side attaches great importance to the Armenian-Russian relations. Members of the Club – representatives of the delegation – have been working in this direction for more than three years: they hold the “Days of the Crimea” in Armenia, where they study the culture, traditions, and economy of the peninsula.

Now the delegates proposed to hold the “Days of Sevastopol” in Armenia, within the framework of which there will be an opportunity to get acquainted with Sevastopol State University.

"We are establishing cooperation. And then the students who have graduated from this school already know Russian quite well. They would study at Sevastopol State University, receive higher education, then return to Armenia and apply their knowledge here," stated the Chairman of the Editorial Board of the "Iravunk" Media Holding and the “Friends of Crimea” Club Hayk Babukhanyan.

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