About all important events at our University

Students at the Institute of City Development at Sevastopol State University and Representatives of Russian Register Together Wrote the ‘Geographica

Students and teachers at the Department of Construction and Land Management at the Institute for City Development, as well as employees of the Department of Geodesy and Cartography at the Office of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Russian Register), took part in the international educational action led by Gennady Kukolev ‘Geographical Dictation-2021’ at Sevastopol State University. “I found out about this action and wanted to take part in it in order to

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A Unique Stand for the Study of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles was Developed at Sevastopol State University

Scientists at Sevastopol State University have developed a unique stand, the only one in Russia, that makes it possible to carry out comprehensive studies of the dynamics of a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles. The stand consists of supports, which form an experimental platform 5 meters in height and measuring 8 by 8 meters. An unmanned aerial vehicle weighing from 2 to 200 kilograms is suspended and fixed on the supports on guy lines. The stand is equipped with eight highly sensitive stra

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The ‘Boiling Point’ at Sevastopol State University Has Become One of the Best and Received an Award at the National Technology Initiative BarCamp

On the 5th anniversary of the network at the National Technological Revolution 2035 barcamp in St. Petersburg, Andrey Siling, Executive Director of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Platform, noted the work of ‘Boiling Points’ that make a significant contribution to the development of regions, and named the winners in various nominations. Among them is the "Boiling Point’ at Sevastopol State University". Here, in 2021, there was an active increase in the number of event participant

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Welcome to Sevastopol State University

Worthy future with decent education

A wide range of fields of study

The structure Sevgi includes 9 institutions and the Maritime College.

Developed infrastructure

From scientific laboratories and concert halls to dormitories and dining rooms.

Biggest library

8 reading halls for 900 seats, 2 halls of electronic documents, 3 stacks.

Scientific conferences

During the academic year there are dozens of conferences on the most advanced areas.

The rich cultural life

Student Life in our university is filled with colorful and interesting activities.

A modern sports complex

Healthy lifestyle - one of the priorities in our University.