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Foreign Scientists are Ready to Cooperate with Biophysicists at Sevastopol State University Despite Western Sanctions

Scientists from the USA, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Mongolia and other countries presented their reports at the International Scientific and Technical Conference ‘Actual Issues of Biological Physics and Chemistry’, that is jointly held by Moscow State University and Sevastopol State University. This year it was held in Moscow. “Despite the fact that Crimea is under Western sanctions, foreign scientists have shown interest in our research. A colleague from Brazil has already sent information t

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The Rector of Sevastopol State University Took Part in the All-Russian Forum of Professional Navigation ‘ProeKTOriA’

The Rector of Sevastopol State University, Vladimir Nechaev, was a participant in the ‘Rector's Hour’, that was held as part of the All-Russian Forum of Professional Navigation ‘ProeKTOriA’ on 26 November in Yaroslavl. The key topic of the ‘Rector’s Hour’ was the dialogue in the ‘no tie’ format about the goals and objectives of the federal projects ‘New School’ and ‘Every Child’s Success’, as well as a conversation about the roles and new opportunities of universities

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A Key Enterprise of Rosatom is Interested in Students and Graduates of Sevastopol State University

A meeting with representatives of the The All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (VNIIEhF), a key enterprise of Rosatom, located in Snezhinsk was held at Sevastopol State University. The Institute is interested in students and graduates of Sevastopol State University. “We offer students to undergo scientific, industrial and undergraduate practical work. We provide trainees with a hostel and a salary in the region of 18,000 rubles”, said Roman Protas, a leadin

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Welcome to Sevastopol State University

Worthy future with decent education

A wide range of fields of study

The structure Sevgi includes 9 institutions and the Maritime College.

Developed infrastructure

From scientific laboratories and concert halls to dormitories and dining rooms.

Biggest library

8 reading halls for 900 seats, 2 halls of electronic documents, 3 stacks.

Scientific conferences

During the academic year there are dozens of conferences on the most advanced areas.

The rich cultural life

Student Life in our university is filled with colorful and interesting activities.

A modern sports complex

Healthy lifestyle - one of the priorities in our University.