About all important events at our University

Sevastopol State University Will Train Specialists in Underwater Robotics

Master’s degree students studying ‘Underwater Robotics’ at Sevastopol State University will not only obtain relevant knowledge and competencies for modern economics, but also directly be involved in the development of an anthropomorphic underwater robot, that is designed to make it easier for and replace the work of, a diver. “We will integrate this educational program into a research project for the development of a new underwater robotic complex. Students will be engaged in the develo

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Scientists at Sevastopol State University are Working on an Intellectual Prosthesis

Scientists at Sevastopol State University have completed work on the development of an intelligent transfemoral prosthesis with a biosimilar artificial knee joint. The work was conducted with the aid of an internal university grant of 500 thousand rubles and lasted for four months.  “In fact, we made a digital model of the prosthesis in four months and then a prototype, a fully functional model, not made of metal, but manufactured using a 3d printer. However this model can yet be used to

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Sevastopol State University To Establish Relations With New Countries

On 07th February 2019 the administration of the Office for International Education and Cooperation had a meeting with Mohamed Ali Kamil, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Djibouti to the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Finland, Kazakhstan and Belarus. During the meeting, the prospects for co-operation between Sevastopol State University and the State University of Djibouti were discussed. “Mr. Mohamed Ali Kamil noted his interest in teaching Djiboutians in maritime specialties, a

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Welcome to Sevastopol State University

Worthy future with decent education

A wide range of fields of study

The structure Sevgi includes 9 institutions and the Maritime College.

Developed infrastructure

From scientific laboratories and concert halls to dormitories and dining rooms.

Biggest library

8 reading halls for 900 seats, 2 halls of electronic documents, 3 stacks.

Scientific conferences

During the academic year there are dozens of conferences on the most advanced areas.

The rich cultural life

Student Life in our university is filled with colorful and interesting activities.

A modern sports complex

Healthy lifestyle - one of the priorities in our University.