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Sevastopol State University Will Open a Representative Office in Syria

Sevastopol State University will open a representative office in Syria. This was said by the Acting Head of the Department of International Education and Cooperation at Sevastopol State University, Igor Galtsov. The opening of a representative office is the result of the projects that the university has launched. University scientists received permission from the Syrian authorities to conduct underwater archaeological research in the coastal zone of the state for three years. “At this stage,

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Students from Sevastopol State University Participated in Archaeological Excavations in Turkey

Master’s students of the educational programme ‘Marine Archeology’ at Sevastopol State University participated in an archaeological expedition in Turkey. The 2019 work site turned out to be promising for further studies of the urban residential area at Miletus from the classical and Hellenistic periods. The archaeological expedition due to take place in 2020 has also invited teachers and students at Sevastopol State University. According to Mikhail Kopeikin, a participant in the programme

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Starting This Year, it Will be Possible to Enroll at Sevastopol State University Online

Sevastopol State University, among 52 Russian universities, has become a member of the pilot project ‘Admission to a University Online’, the implementation of which allows a school graduate anywhere in the country to become a student at a participating university without a personal visit, queues and paper forms. “You can file an application, put in the original certificate and control your place in the list from any remote point in Russia. In fact, a person will only come to study in Sept

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The structure Sevgi includes 9 institutions and the Maritime College.

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