About all important events at our University

Students of Sevastopol State University Will Be Able to Have an Internship at the Foreign Ministry

Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, invited students of the Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations at Sevastopol State University to have practical study at the Ministry.“I invite students-journalists to the press centre of our Foreign Ministry. We have the opportunity to give practical study to students who study foreign affairs and translators. We are ready to accept students in Moscow, we are open for

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Sevastopol State University Has Developed a Technology for the Production of Cheap and Clean Fertilizers

Environmentally friendly fertilizers developed by scientists at Sevastopol State University have turned out to be several times cheaper and more efficient than those currently used in the fields of Crimea.   This conclusion was reached at the Russian National Research Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking ‘Magarach’ of the Russian Academy of Sciences after they tested the products developed at Sevastopol State University in their vineyards.   “Even when the cost is several tim

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The Results of the International Conference "Environmental, Industrial and Energy Security" Were Summed Up at Sevastopol State University

More than 150 scientists from Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Myanmar, Japan and China, as well as representatives of enterprises and public organizations met at the site of the Institute of Nuclear Energy and Industry of Sevastopol State University to discuss issues of energy, environmental and technosphere safety in Sevastopol and Crimea. The conference was held with the support of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research. The Institute of Nuclear Energy and Industry of Sevastopol State Un

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Welcome to Sevastopol State University

Worthy future with decent education

A wide range of fields of study

The structure Sevgi includes 9 institutions and the Maritime College.

Developed infrastructure

From scientific laboratories and concert halls to dormitories and dining rooms.

Biggest library

8 reading halls for 900 seats, 2 halls of electronic documents, 3 stacks.

Scientific conferences

During the academic year there are dozens of conferences on the most advanced areas.

The rich cultural life

Student Life in our university is filled with colorful and interesting activities.

A modern sports complex

Healthy lifestyle - one of the priorities in our University.