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Studying at the University by the Warm Sea: Sania from Tashkent

Sania Krasnaya is a first-year student at the Department of Tourism at the Institute of City Development. To enter Sevastopol State University and make her dream come true, Sania had to overcome a number of difficult obstacles: to learn Russian language and the history of Russia and travel almost 4,000 km. I come from Uzbekistan and initially I wanted to go abroad, but to do that I needed a high level of English. Admission to Russia was my best option. I applied to various universities and as a

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Students from Tajikistan Talked about Life in Sevastopol and Studying at Sevastopol State University

Akram Rizoev and Vosejon Nodirov arrived in Sevastopol from Tajikistan. Akram is a first-year student at the Institute of Nuclear Energy and Industry at Sevastopol State University, and Vosejon is a first-year student at the Polytechnic Institute of Sevastopol State University.Was it difficult to decide to move to Russia? Vosejon: Of course I was a bit worried because I was leaving my family and friends. But I did not really have time to think: I passed the exam and after about two weeks I le

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Scientists from Sevastopol State University Plan Underwater Expeditions in Syria, Sudan and Tunisia

“Specialists from Sevastopol State University plan to take part in research and scientific events in Syria, Sudan and Tunisia during 2020-2021”, said Victor Lebedinsky, the Scientific Dupervisor of the Underwater Archaeological Expedition of Sevastopol State University in Syria and a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.In early 2019, Sevastopol State University and the Antiquities and Museums Service of the Ministry of Culture of Syria s

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Welcome to Sevastopol State University

Worthy future with decent education

A wide range of fields of study

The structure Sevgi includes 9 institutions and the Maritime College.

Developed infrastructure

From scientific laboratories and concert halls to dormitories and dining rooms.

Biggest library

8 reading halls for 900 seats, 2 halls of electronic documents, 3 stacks.

Scientific conferences

During the academic year there are dozens of conferences on the most advanced areas.

The rich cultural life

Student Life in our university is filled with colorful and interesting activities.

A modern sports complex

Healthy lifestyle - one of the priorities in our University.